sâmbătă, 21 iulie 2007

Suferinta Pestisorilor

HELSINKI (Reuters) - A Finnish researcher is to study fish in an aquarium while a rock group performs nearby, to see if the sound causes any ill-effects or distress.

Bands including aging rockers Uriah Heep will perform on Friday night to about 3,000 fans in a tent just a couple of dozen metres away from the aquarium.
"I will be looking for any abnormal behavior or activity," said researcher Mikko Erkinaro.
The 500,000-liter tank is home to salmon, trout, pike and perch and other species common in Finland's brackish coastal waters.
"It could be quite nasty to arrange such an aquarium and a performance venue (so close)," Erkinaro said, "especially when the (band) is a bit old-fashioned."

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